There are so many things in life that we hold close. Things that are precious. Things we almost feel we cannot do without. The only thing, is that the most precious things in life are fragile. The process of acquisition,well is often painful but the process of loss, let’s just say is as easy as blinking.

Life is precious. Everything pertaining life comes from the heart. All matters of life flow from the heart. The heart is precious yet so fragile. It contains life matters but breaks so easily. 

The heart feels everything. Joy, pain, love, peace and the list continues.

If only we could find the remedy to a broken heart. I don’t think any man’s ever come up with a remedy for a heart that’s broken; a heart that knows nothing but pain and anguish. 

Sometimes the heart breaks so hard, like a glass that falls and hits the floor so hard. It shatters. And as you pick up the pieces, it only hurts more, only this time it’s physical and you bleed because your heart hurts. 

From that point and for a while, your life loses meaning and you no longer know joy or peace. But maybe it’s the same emotion that broke your heart that will heal it. The pain that caused your heart to break is the same that will bring you healing. 

As the pieces of your broken heart cause you pain as you pick them up, know that it shall be well. You will never put your heart back together if you never pick up those pieces no matter how hard it might be. Then when you glue your heart together, guard it. For out of it flows the matters of life.

XoXo with love

Sheerow ☺️

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